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We think of him fondly

every time the red beer makes us gassy...

Well, our Dirk Diggler may be gone to Florida, but he's not forgotten! We kept his bio available because even though he's not fronting the band anymore, he'll always be a Nasty boy!

On vocals...

Darr performing Glycerine

Kirk Darr

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Q:    Who are your influences?

A:    My worst influence is my girlfriend (she glares at him and asks the interviewer if they're really going to add that ;-) he he!!!)  My influences are Gene Simmons, Phil Anselmo, and Rob Flynn.

Q:    What kind of music do you listen to?

A:    Heavy metal & rock.

Q:    How long have you been performing professionally?

A:    Six years professionally, twelve years total of singing & playing bass. Toxic Jock Itch was my first band.

Q:    Are you originally from Salina?

A:    No, I'm from Woodward, OK.

Recipe for Alien Secretions

3/4 glass Malibu (coconut-flavored rum) and Madori (melon liqour)

Pinapple Juice (almost to the top)

Squirt of 7up

Pour it on the rocks, then shake it. Mmmmm! They are so good!


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