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High Energy Rock & Roll

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Click here to check out our pics from the G-Spot (skin included)!!!

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shagnasty.jpg (3755 bytes)'s been back on the road for almost a year now, and what a trip! We've got a lot of new friends and fans now! There is a (still) new & improved song list, even more new photos, and a lot of cool (FREE) Shagnasty stuff for you to download! Browse through our website to find out more about us, our music, and our venues! Leave your comments in our guestbook!

Brand new! The Shagnasty screensaver is completed!!! As an extra bonus, we've also built an entire desktop theme! Click here to go to the merchandise page and check it out, and all the FREE stuff we have to offer!

Check out our new jokes! This is a new addition, so we'll be adding to it often!





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