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Our Favorite Links

Band Sites
smallnew2.gif (2138 bytes) Kansas Rock OnLine- A webring dedicated to local rock bands in Kansas. Open membership!
The Official Van Halen Web Site
Encyclopedia Metallica
Thunderstruck: The Original AC/DC Webring


Harmony Central
HardRock Stage (guitar & bass tabs & lyrics)

Equipment Sites

Guitar & Bass
Gibson Homepage
PRS Homepage
Schecter Splash
Zion Homepage
The Official Marshall Site
Mesa Boogie

Mr Fire

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Shagnasty's always on the lookout for other sites that would like to trade links. There's a few of our friends above that's already exchanged links with us! Here's a couple of graphics that you can use to link to us:

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Clubs and Bars

Does your club have a website?

Then list it here! Just e-mail us the URL!

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