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Shagnasty's Tour dates for 2001

These dates are subject to change, so check back often! Start times are generally at 9 or 9:30pm, and we play until last call! Call the club to find out more details!

September 2001
Saturday, Sept 1st County Seat, Concordia, KS
Friday, Sept 7th Slack's Bar & Grill, 619 Main St., Great Bend, KS
Friday, Sept 14th The Brick, Second & Pouplar, Hutchinson, KS
Saturday, Sept 15th The Office, 513 Ella, Beatrice, NE  (402) 228-9916
October 2001
Saturday, Oct. 6th Bikers of Central Kansas Party, Olmitz, KS
November 2001
December 2001
Saturday, Dec. 22nd Kickstarts, Topeka, KS

We're currently in the process of booking more dates, so nothing is firm until the week of the show. Please check the website often for the latest dates!