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Shagnasty's Journal Of Past Gigs

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August 3: The G-Spot


July 28: Demo Derby Afterparty:

What a party! People, beer, cops, fights, more people... you name it, we saw it! Since this gig was on private property, so the band started playing at 11:00pm (after the demo car derby out at the Russell Co Fair), and played almost til four in the morning! It was hard to stop, these people were really digging our music. The crowd was really great!

We hope to do this again next year, but this time we'll have a stage... and maybe we'll bring Tite Grip so we can really rock those guys!

July 27: Slack's Bar & Grill:

Slack's was Slack's, what can we say! Everytime we play there, the room sounds great, the beer tastes good... we always have a great time at Slack's! One thing was missing... Missy! But she made up for it by showing up the next night in Russell... and we needed her, too!

June 29: The G Spot:

Lots and lots of nudity this time! This was the first time we played for dancers (with the new lineup). It was great, the dancers made good money, and the band had fun... that's what rock & roll's all about!

June 23: TP&J Poker Run Afterparty (with Tite Grip and Row 6):

Awesome! Tite Grip was so cool! We were really happy to get a chance to play with them! We also really enjoyed the harmonies of Row 6. We are hoping to get another chance to play with both bands next year!

The party was awesome! Lots of people, and we experienced a first... the cops were called out because the BIKES were too loud (and said nothing of the band)! We also got to see a little nudity, that's always a plus.

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The web site was down, so there were no write-ups for gigs in the remainder of March, all of April and May of 2001. Sorry!

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March 16 & 17: The Office, Beatrice, NE:

LuckyShamrock.gif (104 bytes) Happy St. Patrick's Day!  LuckyShamrock.gif (104 bytes)

Bust out the green beer and the Guinness, it's time to PARTY!!!

It sure was party time at the Office! This had to have been the best turnout ever! There were even a pair of tits that got flashed at us... really exciting for the two single guys in the band (the two married ones SWORE they were not looking... but how did they know it happened?)!

There was a new fad created the night of St. Paddy's day... evidently a lot of people saw Poppa Don making my favorite drink, the Alien Secretion (Don calls them "Sexy Frogs") and began ordering them! I hadn't even thought about their festive bright green color! lol!

March 9, 2001: NasBar & Grill, McPherson, KS:

It's been awhile since we've seen you guys! We sure missed you! Our last appearance was obviously memorable, we saw quite a few familiar faces!

March 2, 2001: Slack's Bar & Grill, Great Bend, KS:

*sigh* This was our last gig with Dirk. He'll be leaving Salina on Monday. We'll miss you!!! Read our comments on his old bio page (now in our photo gallery).

On a lighter note, we debuted our new singer tonight- a familiar face in the Great Bend area- Kenny Claypool! He's been out of the scene for a little while, but he's back to front Shagnasty with a vengence! Known for his incredible voice, he's an experienced singer and he's strong in all the classics we play, and we're sure he'll fit right in to the nasty boys!

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February 24, 2001: McGraw's, Hutchinson, KS:

Another awesome gig in this awesome venue! We love playing here, the size of the place is immense, the drinks are so good, and the crowd is always wonderful! The turnout is always huge, the dance floor is absolutely packed!

The coolest thing about this gig is that they have a camcorder that's hooked up to the sound system... so we were able to record some video of us in action. We're looking into formatting the video for internet use so we can put up at least one song (or part of one... depending on the file size) for all to see! We will continue to record our performances here, in hopes of compiling a really cool video of us giving all that we've got! Keep on the lookout for news about this on our website!

February 16, 2000: King of Clubs, Salina, KS:

What a great time we had at the King of Clubs! This is a really kick ass bar to play at... thanks, Richard, for having us out! The staff, as always, was really great! Thanks to Munny$hot for running the lights... and for giving Shawn the night off.

This was our annual Shagnasty birthday party, we have the most occurances of band's and friend's birthdays this month, so we just celebrate everyone's all at once with one great big bash! So, happy birthday to Doc, Steve, and Crissy (Dirk's girl)... and happy first anniversary to Mr. and Mrs. Ripper!

Thanks to the Zoo for the pre-show interview, it was a blast! Thanks to Crossroads for all the last-minute odds and ends. JJ, you sure did a wonderful photography job, and thanks for scanning them in and sending them to us! Click here to check out the photos that JJ took!

February 3, 2001: Mc Graw's in Hutchinson:

WOW! This place was absolutely HUGE!!! We sure are glad you guys switched to rock, because that was a great place to really rock the house!!! That had to have been the largest crowd we've played for EVER!!! Kenny, thanks for having us and please have us again! We love that place!!! A real stage, intelligent lights (Shawn and Crissy say yea! no lights to run), and the biggest dance floor ever!

Mc Graw's (and us) had a few firsts as a result of this gig.... the first time we were booked through e-mail (yea! the website paid off), the first time Mc Graw's had a rock band (recently switched over from country), and the debut of our (possible) new singer, Munny$hot (previously of  Joker from Manhattan)!

Yeah, unfortunately it's official, Kirk Darr (aka Dirk Diggler), the iron lungs of our band, is moving to Florida with his girlfriend. The last scheduled gig with him will be in March. Don't worry, we're still trying to talk him out of it, even though we are sure that Munny$hot will fill his shoes admirably.

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January 26 & January 27, 2001: The Office in Beatrice:

It was sure great to be back, guys! We always have such a blast coming out and playing for you, but it sure does seem like we always bring the weather with us! Thanks for taking such good care of us, Papa Don, you really look out for us!

We had quite a surprise there when we showed up, evidently the post office lost our flyers again, so Don had to make up some of his own from our old ones, and he placed on the flyers (and on the newspaper ad), "Come see the best lead guitar showman in the area!" Well, needless to say Ripper sure was feeling the pressure after that! He performed admirably, living up to Don's ad (as we all knew he would!).

We also got to meet Mother Tung, a local favorite (band). Hiya guys! It was great meeting you!

Overall, it was another great weekend at the Office. We sure are glad you have us coming back every month! Thanks, Don!

January 20, 2001: The King of Clubs, Salina, KS:

We really had a great time playing there, that place is sure big! The sound was great, and it was nice to play in town and see some of our local fans. Richard was really cool and he treated us really well, and we are definitely coming back!

Special thanks to the Zoo for getting our ad on the radio even though none of the band could make it to the station. Also, thanks to Richard for having us. Your club is awesome and we can't wait to come back and rock you guys again! See you in February!

And we can't forget to mention Scruff , who has attended every gig we've had in the Salina area (and sometimes he's even conscious). Now, that's dedication to ROCK!!!

January 19, 2001: Slack's Bar and Grill in Great Bend, KS:

You guys there at Slacks sure know how to PARTY!!! That had to have been the best turnout yet! The place was absolutely PACKED!!! Great Bend sure does love to rock! We were happy to see you're not afraid to get out on the dance floor and really shake your thing! You guys are so awesome! We had such a great time with you guys, this was definitely one of our very favorite gigs! We can hardly wait to come back and rock you again!

Special thanks to Kerry for getting us in there (we really appreciate it). Also, thanks to all the old Shagnasty fans that showed, especially "The Men" (motorcycle club), we remember all you guys from way back too and thanks for coming out and showing your support! We'll be seein' ya again in March, Great Bend!

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December 30, 2000: Tail Gators in Salina

Happy New Year, Salina! We had a rockin' good time with all our friends at home. Thanks for coming out and celebrating the new year with us!

December 16 & December 17, 2000: The Office in Beatrice, NE:

It was a kick-ass time, what can we say--- it was Beatrice so of course it was kick-ass! Other than the -50F wind chill, we sure were hot both nights (and no it wasn't because the heater was over our heads ha ha!). Beatrice just brings out the best in us! It seems to keep getting better each time we go back!

The staff at the bar are so awesome! The nicest ever! You guys really know how to make us feel welcome! We look forward to each return.

Highlights of the night were Johnny B. Goode, Higher, and Voodoo. Those guys in Beatrice sure do love their Godsmack! And they sure do love their Shagnasty, too! When the night was over, we had to come back and give them our rendition of Whole Lotta Love, plus another one of Ripper's smokin' guitar solos due to the incessant cries for encore!

That ended the night on a really high note, plus we all forgot about the weather for awhile. A lot of people should have left a little earlier due to weather conditions, but they forgot the time and hung out until the end, and still wanted more! The band was willing, but the bar was saying, "Uhh, guys... it's five til two... I can't see across the street anymore!" (the wind was blowing the snow so hard it was a total whiteout!)

It definitely was a late night for everyone. Thanks, Beatrice, we'll see you in January! You too Scotty ;-)

December 10, 2000: NasBar in McPherson:

It sure was great to be back in McPherson! We sure were glad to get to rock you guys again, and we're looking forward to the next time!

When we played our two (untitled for now) Shagnasty originals, we were honored to have two special guests come and join us, Skeeter and Mark Van Nordstrom, who both laid down some smokin' lyrics to our songs! Skeeter joined us during the second set, and Mark joined us during the third. Thanks, guys you really ROCKED! And we think you may have named both songs for us, and have really given us plenty of inspiration!

This weekend was also the birth of the Shagnasty mailing list (if you'd like to join, just e-mail us)! Special thanks go out to Jamie McCullick, Jerimey Haith, Thomas Tomlin, Amanda Crable, and Liz Newpher for being the first five to sign up!

December 9, 2000: NasBar in Lindsborg:

First of all, we have special thanks to give out to Edwin Webster and Vernon (Gene) Leudders (shop employees at Kansas Wesleyan) for the emergency repair of the Ripper's Washburn. For not being guitar technicians, you sure helped us out in a bind! Thanks, guys!

Overall, our night at the NasBar was really great... the food was very good and the staff was accommodating and friendly. We were surprised to learn that this is one of the few venues we play that allow fans between the ages of 18 and 20 to attend. Since it is a family restaurant as well as a bar, they also allow even younger fans to stay until 9:30 (with adult supervision)!

The decor is really cool here too, a little deja vu' when you walk in the door because there's the same barstools and tables as the NasBar in McPherson (made out of race car wheels... very artistic!).

We can't wait to come back and rock you in Lindsborg again!

December 2, 2000: Gypsum Creek Bar & Grill:

It sure was great to be back in Gypsum! And they sure can pack the people in for such a small place! We saw all the friends we made at our last appearance there, and made a few new ones too.

Thanks to the staff  for everything (the food is GREAT guys!). You really know how to keep the tomato beer flowing (and you make it right too- the correct amount of tomato)! We can't wait to come back!

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November 24, 2000: The Cavern in Hutchinson:

Back at the Cavern again! And another awesome gig, too! We'd like to begin with a personal thanks to Crossroads Music & Sound for the last minute work on Ripper's guitar. Thanks a bunch for your quick work guys, you always come through for us!

Thanks to the staff at the Cavern, we had a really great time and we can't wait to see you guys again in January (5th)!!! It's the new millennium, so be prepared for a little different, nastier Shagnasty! We're cooking up some originals!

BTW, your margaritas are still EXCELLENT!!! :-)

November 3 & November 4, 2000: The Office, Beatrice, NE:

We sure had a HOOOOOOWLing good time at the Office! We were feeling the energy and anticipation, not only from the crowd, but from ourselves as well. Everyone in the band had their mojo going!

The Ripper was primed to show off the incredible sound of his new tubes and internal tweaking of his Marshall (thanks to Crossroads Music & Sound, and a special personal thanks to the brilliant new tech down there for going out of his way to get it done in time. Thanks Duncan & staff!!!). Steve was in a really good mood (not that its unusual, but we all figured he must have got some before he left home!). Darr got his going the first night when he realized the big frozen mugs of tomato beer were only $1.25, and on the second night his girl made the drive (which outranks a tomato beer any day!). Maddog was in the groove with his new guitar strap (funny how the little things can mean so much- but you gotta cut off that Peavey tag! LOL) .

Highlights of both nights were Steve's high notes, Darr's hair (its a singer thing), Ripper's guitar solo, Maddog's grooving bass lick (especially in Godzilla, you rock!!!).

We really thought this was excellent bar, and thought the room really sounded great (acoustically)! We all had an extremely kick ass weekend rockin' the Husker fans! Not only were the fans great (thanks to our friend, Scotty, for all the drinks!!!), but the owner and his wife were really cool (thanks, Poppa!!!). It's not often you see the owner out dancing, but he was out there kicking around with all the other Nasty fans!!!

We really felt we had an excellent show despite the fact we had to disappoint a couple of our Nasty fans at the end of the last night (i.e. the two extremely attractive blondes who wanted to take Darr home)!!! You Husker fans really know how to PARTY!!! They really love to ROCK!!! We can't wait until we're back (December 15th & 16th, mark your calendars!), and get ready to ROCK YOUR ASS OFF!!!!!

Thanks to Shawn and Crissy for running the lights and taking some photos (soon to be on the website!!!). Shawn's b-day was the 4th, she's now 29! It's all over next year lol!

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October 31, 2000

What an awesome gig! It was sure great playing for our home crowd on such a spooky night as Halloween! We had a frightful good time rocking the house there at Sharkey's! The night started questionably, with a fuse blowing in Ripper's Marshall during the fourth song! Fortunately, the Ripper came well prepared and pulled a backup amp (a vintage Crate) from behind his stack!

We have a lot of people to thank for such a successful gig! First of all, we would like to thank everyone that turned out in costume (our favorite was the guy dressed up as the bloody tampon, great imagination!!!). Secondly, we'd like to thank Sharkey's for donating the beer, and Pizza Hut for donating the pizzas. Also, we'd like to thank Rusty for having us (despite the miscommunication) and Jackie for setting this all up. Finally, (last but not least) we'd like to thank the staff there at Sharkey's for just being there (and in costume)! Nasty fans, we'll definitely play there again soon! (special thanks to all the Nasty fans for your incessant cries for, "Just one more!!!" You know who you are!!! We love you guys!!!)

Oh, one more group to thank!!! We almost forgot (and we shouldn't)! Thank you to the Salina Police Department for not shutting us down despite the party poopers across the street. You guys were super cool about the situation (even if you are cops), and we appreciate your patience and understanding!!!

October 20, 2000: The Cavern, Hutchinson:

What a cool club! The interior was a lot bigger than we were expecting (especially considering our first gig out was in Gypsum ;-)), and there was a lot of variety to the crowd. Early in the night things were a bit slow, but after midnight rolled around things really picked up! We got a lot of encores after last call, but we were more than happy to oblige!

We had a really good time rockin' the house in Hutch, and we can't wait until we come back in November! ( a note from the webmaster:   Wonderful margaritas, guys!)

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